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Translation Workspace™ - The Next Generation in Translation Productivity Solutions

Translation Workspace is the next generation in translation productivity solutions. An open platform for the entire translation ecosystem from individual freelance translators and agencies to enterprises - featuring exclusive new capabilities including Live Assets™ and Asset Aliasing™.

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Translation Workspace™ offers robust capabilities

The Translation Workspace is a multi-tenant platform that supports the way you work. This SaaS-based solution provides access and live updates to translation memory (TM) and glossary assets, reducing the costs and human error associated with exchange of TM, glossary and review package data between buyers and providers.

Translation Workspace™ Highlights

Translation Workspace™ Clients

Translators have their choice of two easy to use editors - the Microsoft Word Plug-in or the XLIFF Editor. Either way, you can prepare the files for translation, translate the files, check for most obvious errors, and convert the files back into their original format. Plus, you have full access to the Live Assets features. Learn more... 

Live Assets™

Fast and scalable, Translation Workspace provides anywhere, anytime access and live updates to translation memories (TM) and glossary assets. Individuals and teams of linguists can contribute to and reference hosted linguistic assets in real time - all hosted in your private "cloud". Learn more... 

Cross-tenancy Collaboration and Asset Aliasing™

Translation Workspace subscribers gain access to a private tenancy in which to work. Within a tenancy, subscription managers can organize language assets using a workgroup hierarchy. Translation Workspace also supports collaboration across tenancies. This is accomplished by asset aliasing - enabling virtual workgroups to come together on a project. Learn more... 

Online Review

Translation Workspace offers online review functionality, providing reviewers with a secure, easy-to-use interface and straightforward process for collaboratively reviewing localized content in a Web interface. Learn more... 

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