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About the GeoWorkz Marketplace(Beta)

The GeoWorkz Marketplace is a new offering on At the GeoWorkz Marketplace, you can find and bid on jobs from Lionbridge offices around the world -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! These are jobs administered by Lionbridge’s network of thousands of employees, and are for Lionbridge’s portfolio of Fortune 500 customers.



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    New Localization projects every day

    Every day, Lionbridge’s global network of project managers and language leads are tasked with distributing work for Lionbridge’s customers, across hundreds of language pairs, to translators, quality reviewers and localization engineers. The GeoWorkz Marketplace is a central clearinghouse for all of this localization work, allowing jobs to be matched with the right resources in real time.

    You can search, sort and view all of the jobs in which you are interested, by source/target language as well as activity. No matter where you are located, you have access to Lionbridge jobs from around the world, expanding the relationship you have with your local office. While everyone can view all available jobs, only paid subscribers can reply to job postings.

    As a beta program, Lionbridge is constantly increasing the number and type of localization projects that are posted on the GeoWorkz Marketplace. During this beta period, the GeoWorkz Marketplace is included with every paid subscription. Now, you have one destination to find new projects and to access your translation productivity tools! 

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    Key Features of the GeoWorkz Marketplace

    On the GeoWorkz Marketplace, you will see the activity, languages and expected start and end date of a job, as well as the deadline to reply. You can search, sort and view all of these job postings right on GeoWorkz, and indicate which jobs you would like to pursue. If you are a guest or on a free trial plan, you can view jobs, but cannot reply to a job until you upgrade your subscription—the GeoWorkz Marketplace is a benefit of every paid subscription to Translation Workspace!

    Stay Informed with Marketplace Job Alerts

    We know that running your business means working on the go, and the GeoWorkz Marketplace helps you stay informed. The GeoWorkz Marketplace includes web feeds (RSS or Atom) that allows you to set what types of jobs interest you—it could be translation in a particular language pair or technical work across target languages. You can receive notice of these jobs within your browser, email, or on a mobile device, so that you never miss a new job opportunity.

    Do you already work with Lionbridge?

    If you already work with Lionbridge, you can click on a job and be taken to Lionbridge’s jobs engine, hosted on the Service Partner Portal to see more information about a job, including the suggested price, and to submit your bid. You log on to the Service Partner Portal the same way you do today--with your Service Partner Portal username and password. Once you have logged in, you will be able to submit your bid. You will be notified via email when a job has been awarded to you.

    Not yet a Lionbridge Partner?

    If you do not yet work with Lionbridge, your interest in a GeoWorkz Marketplace jobs triggers the Lionbridge application process, in which you apply to become an expert Lionbridge partner. This self-service application process allows you to register as part of Lionbridge’s global network of language experts. After clicking on a job in the GeoWorkz Marketplace, you are redirected to Lionbridge’s Service Partner Portal to complete the application process. You will be able to use much of your GeoWorkz Directory profile information during this registration process, so make sure your Directory profile is up to date! After you have completed the registration process, you will be directed to the jobs engine, where you will be able to submit your bid for the job. You will be notified via email when a job has been awarded to you.

    More Information

    All subscribers can access the GeoWorkz Marketplace Guide for additional information on the GeoWorkz Marketplace, including details on how to search and reply to jobs.

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