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Frequently Asked Questions

Translation Workspace includes tools and technologies for a global workforce. This next-generation cloud computing system combines advanced Live AssetsTM functionality with proven performance, and delivers unparalleled value and return on investment for all participants. In this section, you can find the answers to commonly asked Translation Workspace questions. See how you can take advantage of our solution, and produce more with the right people and the right tools. 

Key Features

What is Translation Workspace™?

What are the components of Translation Workspace™?

Where can I see the Translation Workspace™ interface?

What are the benefits of Translation Workspace™?

What is the GeoWorkz Directory?

What is a Translation Workspace™ Subscriber user? What is a system user?

What is the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model?

What are the advantages of SaaS-based linguistic asset management?

What are Live AssetsTM?

What is Asset AliasingTM?

What is a tenancy?

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Subscription Information

What does purchasing words mean in Translation Workspace™

How is my word usage measured?

How does word metering work?

How does word metering work for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Thai?

What operations are metered for word usage?

If the same segment is opened twice, is it metered twice?

Are different TM match levels metered differently?

In the case of aliased assets, who gets charged – the issuer or the recipient?

Are background TMs metered as well?

Can I roll my words over if I do not use them all during my subscription period?

How do I cancel my account?

Can I transfer my words to another subscriber?

How many "words" should my plan include?

How many licenses do I need?

How are licenses assigned?

How do I get Support?

What is Extended Support?

How do I get a copy of my Invoice?

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Purchasing Options

How do I subscribe to Translation Workspace™?

What are the available plans?

What if I need additional licenses?

What if I need more words than included in my subscription plan?

What currencies can be used to pay for my plan?

Is there a trial version?

Is there a student version?

What payment methods are accepted?

What are my payment installment options?

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GeoWorkz Marketplace

What types of jobs are available on GeoWorkz Marketplace?

Why is Lionbridge positing jobs on GeoWorkz Marketplace?

How do I know when new jobs are posted to the GeoWorkz Marketplace?

How do I bid on a job?

I'm on a Free Trial. How do I bid on a job?

I have not worked with Lionbridge before. How do I bid on a job?

Are jobs awarded solely on the basis of price?

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Can I export my linguistic assets?

Can I import my linguistic assets into Translation Workspace?

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System Requirements

What are the system requirements for using Translation Workspace?

What are the system requirements for using

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More Information

Where can I find information about upcoming events?

In what languages is Translation Workspace™ available?

How long has Translation Workspace™ been available?

Is Translation Workspace™ secure?

What are the privacy policies?

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Just a quick note to say I enjoyed the webinar and found it very informative.  I am impressed with Translation Workspace and I'm keen to learn more.  I am particularly impressed by the great deal of effort taken to train users in the software and the back up support available.- Freelancer, UK&

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