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Training Sessions

Whether you’re a freelance translator, agency, or enterprise, you need to make the most of your subscription to Translation Workspace. That’s why Lionbridge provides a broad range of information and resources. Users can sign-up to attend online training sessions hosted by the Customer Success Team where topics are explored in greater detail. Each hosted session will include time set aside for Q&A, so you can get the answers to your specific questions on the spot.

If you would like more information before choosing to sign-up for Translation Workspace, please sign-up to attend a webinar. Currently available webinars can be found under Resources > Webinars.

How do I sign up for a training session?

Training courses are available for Translation Workspace users. Select a course from the list below, or log in and explore additional topics under Support.

Introduction to Translation Tools

An introduction to Live AssetsTM, Computer-Aided-Translation (CAT) tools, and terminology.

Introductory Level

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Just a quick note to say I enjoyed the webinar and found it very informative.  I am impressed with Translation Workspace and I'm keen to learn more.  I am particularly impressed by the great deal of effort taken to train users in the software and the back up support available.- Freelancer, UK&

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