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Welcome to Translation Workspace™ Support!

At Lionbridge, we are committed not only to customer support, but to your success.

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Translation Workspace users can browse the support pages for instant access to free support information such as reference documentation, Frequently Asked Questions, online training, and registration links for hosted events.

  What do the categories mean?

Access reference materials on various topics, including User Guides and Online Help systems.

Training & Tutorials
Find details on self-training materials and scheduled instructor led training events.

Download current versions of the translation clients.

Frequently Asked Questions
Browse common questions about the Translation Workspace for best practices, solutions, and more.

Submit a Support Request
Can’t find an answer to your question? Use the Translation Workspace support form to submit a request.

Which Support is right for you?

Basic Support is offered as part of your Translation Workspace Subscription. Basic Support includes full access to all online materials, including User Guides, frequently-asked-questions, and Self-Training Materials. In addition, all users in the subscription have access to a web based support request form. Questions submitted via the support request form are routed to the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Translation Workspace support staff, who will respond via email. Basic Support is provided for the following types of questions:

  • Changing your subscription
  • Accessing training, documentation, and online Help
  • Working in the GeoWorkz Directory
  • Adding users to your workspace
  • Managing licenses
  • Installing the translation clients

By adding an Extended Support Plan to your subscription, all users in your subscription not only have access to all the services available with Basic Support, but logged support requests can be escalated to the Support Specialists Team. Once a support request is escalated to the Support Specialist Team, they may communicate via email or phone, at their discretion, depending on the type of support request. Support Specialists provide service on more advanced topics and questions including:

  • Asset Aliasing™
  • Setting permissions
  • Managing an online review
  • Running a word count analysis
  • Configuring and using the translation clients
  • Linking assets

If you are not yet a Translation Workspace subscriber, please see the Resources pages for available materials.

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During this maintenance period, you will not be able to make a purchase, access or modify existing account details. Access to rest of the features like documentation, support, Marketplace etc., remains available. Please check back later to purchase a subscription or to access your account details.  


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