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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions are a great starting point if you're new to Translation Workspace services.  Come here to find answers to commonly asked technology questions.  Translation Workspace users who have signed-in have access to even more.

If you are not yet a user of Translation Workspace, please refer to the Resources > Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

What are Live AssetsTM?

Your linguistic assets (TMs and glossaries) can be thought of as "live" because they can be updated from anywhere at any time by subscribers with access permissions. Updates are instantaneously available to all. Based on ground-breaking asset sharing privacy functionality, globally-distributed teams of linguists can contribute to and reference centralized assets in real time, introducing key efficiencies into the production process. Live Assets are self-maintaining, facilitating process-driven management and eliminating costly synchronization work. With near-zero latency and response time measured in milliseconds, Live Assets increase speed of work, reduce internal language asset management costs, and contribute to lower overall localization spend.

What is Asset AliasingTM?

Asset Aliasing is the process of sharing linguistic assets between subscribers, without risk. The owner—or publisher—maintains control of their linguistic assets and can decide how long other subscribers—or recipients—should have access to them. Identities of both the issuers and recipients are protected during the aliasing process.

What is a tenancy?

When you subscribe to Translation Workspace, you are given a tenancy, which is your workspace. In your tenancy, you have users, workgroups, and linguistic assets—the full working environment.

How does word metering work?

The words balance in a tenancy is consumed as content is translated using TMs owned by the subscriber. Translation Workspace reports the tenancy’s daily word usage. When the subscriber’s TMs are queried during translation, words are debited from the purchased words balance. If the TM is made available to users outside the tenancy by issuing an Asset Alias token, the queries made by those users are debited from the original TM owner’s purchased word balance. Users are not charged for work they do using TMs owned and aliased to them by other tenancies.

What if I need more words than included in my subscription?

Every subscription plan has a base allocation of available words. If additional words are required, the subscriber is billed on a per word basis for each additional word above the base allocation.

How do I connect to GeoWorkz and Translation Workspace™?

Both GeoWorkz and Translation Workspace authenticate you using the same username, password and tenancy. If you do not know your credentials, please contact your Subscription Manager. The Translation Workspace server can be accessed directly at using a web browser.

My company or Internet Service Provider requires a proxy. How do I connect?

In rare cases, you might need to enter a proxy address in the login screen. For example, if you are inside a corporate network, your connection might be through a proxy server. Your network administrator can tell you if you have to use a proxy. Enter the proxy name and the proxy port in the Proxy address field of the login dialog of Translation Workspace. Your network administrator will also tell you the proxy port to use. For example, if the proxy name is and the proxy port is 8080, please enter in the Proxy address field.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, in, click your name to get to the My Account tab, then click the Edit Account Information button. In the Edit Users dialog that displays, you can change your password. The next time you login, you must use the new password.

I can’t log in. How do I get help?

In order to login to or the Translation Workspace, you need a username, a password, and a tenancy. If you have forgotten one or more of these credentials, click the “Forgot your credentials” link next to the Sign In button on the login screen. Then, in the screen that pops up, select which you have forgotten, your user name, password, or tenancy name and click Submit. You will receive an email either showing you your user name or tenancy name, or prompting you to click a link to where you can reset your password. If you are still experiencing issues, please click the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page and send us a message describing the problem.

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