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Cloud-Scale Architecture

Lionbridge Translation Workspace offers a secure, standards-based, high performance infrastructure in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Lionbridge guarantees security, high availability, and response time for each subscription. Our best-in-class Service Level Agreement (SLA) targets provides 99.5 percent uptime and offers high availability for optimum business continuity.

Streaming Updates

Translation Workspace updates are pushed seamlessly and automatically to all users as they are introduced, eliminating the need for costly, time-consuming upgrades and maintenance outages.

Translation Workspace Cloud-Scale Architecture (click to enlarge)

Massive Throughput

Lionbridge processes over 60 million words a month using this technology, making it the largest used platform in the industry. Continually optimized in a high-volume production environment, the system supports thousands of concurrent users daily and millions of Translation Memory (TM) database and dictionary queries across 160 different language pairs.

Lightning Fast Matching

With response time for a TM or term match measured in milliseconds, the Translation Workspace enables globally-distributed teams of linguists to increase throughput dramatically over competitive translation management system (TMS) solutions. For suppliers, this means increased productivity, allowing them to do more with the same resources. For the enterprise, this means increased global supply chain efficiency and production reliability, enabling faster time-to-market and lower overall localization costs.

Sophisticated, Lightweight Clients – Taking the Burden off the Linguist

For too long translation professionals have been required to install large, complex translation applications and manage huge TM data files. With a Translation Workspace subscription, translators, editors and other language processing specialists get access to both a client that plugs into Microsoft Word as well as a stand-alone XLIFF editor. Used for years in daily production by thousands of language professionals, these applications install in seconds and take a fraction of the space of competing desktop translation technologies.

Live Assets™ Connectivity – Collaboration For Maximum Productivity

Both translation client applications allow users to connect seamlessly to Live Assets in their own Translation Workspace or to aliased assets from another subscriber in a different Translation Workspace. Real-time chat functionality through the translation client applications allows geographically dispersed users to exchange information as they work, streamlining time-sensitive communication and reducing inconsistencies that can add cost and time to projects.

Live Assets (click to enlarge)
Largest Live AssetsTM system on the market

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