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Application Access and Client-Server Communications

Security is paramount to Lionbridge as the provider of the industry's largest Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based Live AssetsTM platform. Users must be authenticated in order to access Translation Workspace subscriptions, as well as the GeoWorkz Directory. Communication between the clients and server is via http, using RSA and AES encryption.


Translation Workspace™ Security Infrastructure

Data Center

The GeoWorkz infrastructure sits in a world-class, SAS 70 Type II compliant data center. All applications are protected behind redundant firewalls. The datacenter is in a non-advertised remote location, with 24/7 on-site security personnel, multiple closed-door access, and biometric identification required for all personnel entering the facility.

Data Segregation

Each Workspace subscription is its own tenancy, and the data model prevents unauthorized access/leakage of data between tenancies.

Translation Workspace Data Privacy (click to enlarge) 

Data Privacy in the Translation Workspace™

Asset Aliasing™

Asset Aliasing allows Translation Workspace subscribers to manage access to their TMs, glossaries and review packages through an innovative feature. Subscribers can grant individuals and groups precise, secure access to live assets for determined periods of time. The alias issuer generates a token – like a PIN – which can then be given to other subscribers, who then use that token to access whatever TMs, glossaries and review packages the issuer has aliased. Aliasing provides appropriate security and privacy controls for both issuers and recipients. Service providers can protect the anonymity of their customers and supply chains, while enterprises can enforce their intellectual property rights.

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