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Key Features

Lionbridge brings over a decade of language technology development experience to market in a subscription-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model for buyers and service providers in the localization ecosystem.

Translation Workspace includes advanced language management functionality, asset-oriented project management functionality, infrastructure management and reporting / analytics capabilities.

All subscription management functionality is available through Active users have access to the Translation Workspace Clients that connect to Live AssetsTM over the internet.

License Management

Sophisticated license management functionality allows subscribers to float access licenses between users as needed. This allows subscribers to scale the number of concurrent users accessing their subscription at any time, without having idle users consuming valuable access.

Language Asset Management

Fast and scalable, Translation Workspace provides anywhere, anytime access and live updates to translation memory (TM) and glossary assets. Live Assets eliminate the need to distribute and manually synchronize TM and glossary data files, allowing globally-distributed teams of linguists to contribute to and reference Live Assets in real time, introducing key efficiencies into the production process.

Subscribers can create TM and glossary assets through import of standard interchange formats and can export assets for portability or offline archiving.

Subscribers can manage access to their TMs, glossaries and review packages through Asset Aliasing, another innovative feature exclusive to the Translation Workspace. Asset Aliasing allows subscribers to provide individuals and groups with precise, secure access to Live Assets for determined periods of time. Aliasing provides appropriate security and privacy controls for both issuers and recipients. Service providers can protect the anonymity of their customers and supply chains, while enterprises can enforce their intellectual property rights.

Integrated QA tools in the Translation Workspace editing environments allow users to run integrity checks on formatting, segment length, punctuation, missing translations, number conventions and other common sources of errors during the localization production cycle. This increases productivity, streamlines project cycle times and ultimately reduces time to market.

Translation Workspace offers real-time collaborative review, providing content reviewers with a secure, easy-to-use interface and straightforward process for reviewing localized content. Review packages can be created, routed and processed online in a rich Web interface that displays side-by-side source/target content, segment-level change control history and commenting.

Reporting and Analytics

Translation Workspace allows subscribers to track their key business indicators 24 x 7. At a project level, it also allows users to analyze file content against the TM and glossary assets they have access to. Reports can be viewed on-screen, emailed or saved off locally.

Translation Workspace can track TM contributions on a per user basis. It provides a mechanism to track productivity by supplier, by language, by assets, or any combination thereof. In the case of Aliased Assets, this information is anonymized to protect the privacy of vendor sub-contractors, while still allowing tracking by language, asset, or project.

Scoping and analysis data provided by the Translation Workspace can be used in conjunction with pricing data (outside the system) as the basis for cost analysis. Every analysis takes into account real-time, collaborative execution. This means that fuzzy matches over the course of live translation are counted at each analysis, giving subscribers the most up-to-date, accurate cost estimates.

Infrastructure Management

The Lionbridge Translation Workspace offers all the benefits of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), including application hosting, zero IT investment, uptime and performance guarantees.

Translation Workspace publishes seamless and automated updates to all users as new enhancements and features are introduced. Because all users are on one single, internet-based platform, Translation Workspace eliminates the need for costly, time-consuming upgrades and maintenance. There’s no specialized infrastructure to maintain and there are no upgrade or maintenance costs. The Translation Workspace's SaaS model dramatically increases Return On Investment, lowers Total Cost of Ownership and slashes deployment time.

Translation Workspace provides support for the XLIFF and TMX language industry standards. At the e-commerce and facility standards level, Translation Workspace utilizes a PCI-compliant payment processing provider and is hosted in a SAS 70 Type II compliant data center.

Translation Workspace is a multi-tenant platform solution open to service buyers and suppliers. Each subscription provides complete customer data segregation from all other subscriptions and a rigorous permissions structure within each tenancy provides highly-defined control over user access. Cutting-edge Asset Aliasing functionality allows subscribers to choose who gets access to TM, terminology, review package data and for how long.

Security is paramount to Lionbridge as the provider of the industry's largest SaaS-based Live Asset platform. Users must be authenticated in order to access Translation Workspace subscriptions. The GeoWorkz infrastructure resides in a world-class, SAS 70 Type II compliant data center.


Translation Workspace provides a comprehensive and sophisticated work environment to streamline the translation process with a broad range of productivity features, delivering immediate value.

Translation Workspace is a common technology framework. All contributors use the same tools, enabling application of localization best practices with leading technology across an end-to-end network for maximum effectiveness.

Architected as a multi-tenant solution, each subscription provides complete customer-data segregation from every other subscription. A rigorous permissions structure within each tenancy provides tight control over user access. Updates are pushed seamlessly and automatically to all users simultaneously over the internet, so there are no costly, time-consuming upgrades, maintenance or compatibility issues. Translation Workspace is architected to comply with major industry standards, supporting both XLIFF and TMX, utilizing a PCI-compliant payment processing provider and residing in a SAS 70 Type II-compliant data center.

In addition, Translation Workspace provides high availability and response time for each subscription. Our best-in-class service level agreement (SLA) features 99.5 percent uptime. Processing more than 60 million words each month by thousands of concurrent users across 160 different language pairs, Translation Workspace is the largest, most reliable translation platform in the industry. With response times measured in milliseconds, Translation Workspace enables individual translators and globally distributed teams of linguists to dramatically increase throughput compared to competitive translation productivity systems.


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